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Friday, just another friday!!!

So my freinds, I will again affix myself to the keyboard, and boast my ego by typing my opinions. I may not be as entertaining and cool as the Ms./Mr. seesitall. Tonight was a good night.

Tonight my freinds went out on a guy's night out. Beleive it or not Mandi let Nick out of the house to hang out with his old freinds,maybe we still are friends maybe we are just embassador's from the man world. So the guys hung out, afterhours ensue's. The when we are about to have some fun, and then it happens. If you have ever seen "Love potion #9" you will know you haVe to talk to your slave every few hours or they lose interest in you. Commander Mandi comes over and takes Nick away from his freinds, or so we hope we can be, and thus removes him from the guy's night out.

It is a sad day im manhood when a guy can't spend a whole night with the guy's without calling his girlfreind like he needs his mommy.

Other than that; Lisa, Adam, and Greg went to a freinds house and got crazy. It was fun, and it needed to happen. McMurtry was looking for some expensive fun, and Jason Lee got his ass taxi'ed home by his soulmate, Holli from Alaska. Those two should get married and have about 30 kids. Both of them cock block each other, and complan about it. Admit it kids, sex it up, you only live once.

There was a hotel party tonight. This party was one in which you could not talk, move, or fart. This sucks because it is a hotel party, and you should party like a rock star, and the most that can happen is getting kicked out. There was a bible study in the hotel, it sucked so much it gave me a hickey.

Went to MikeyB's place and Kerry showed us his balls. Saw Carmen in skin tight clothes and Greg threw gold bond about like New Years. (note to self, do not play "my name is jonas" in Loftis's presents) and we found no women to sleep with.

Never chase girls or buses, you always get left behind.
This quote is from a movie, a good one.

Wonder when Nicks wedding is, Wonder when Alice in Chains will make another album, wonder if the Bachle will stay attached to one girl besides Shaina for more than 6 months, wonder when Marty and Angie will stop arguing with each other at 4 a.m., wonder when Bruning will stop being dumb, wonder when McMutry will stop being "serously,honestly", and last of all when jason will finally stop saying, "aww, shit, piss, and fuck".

have a good weekend,

I hope I cand get laid,

Mitch Feinstone


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