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To my faithful readers,

I know my shit may not smell the best, but it gives you somthing else to read besides the newspaper. I appologize for the last blast of the peeps, I was drunk and it sounded good at the time. I hope all of you are getting this as it may end up in the junk email folder because of the amount of addresses it is sent to. If you don't know, I am employing the work of random ghost writers, so you won't know who to blame.

As for the weekend, saturday was good. Marty the social veteran has thrown another good party. Good thing he didn't kick my ass telling me to leave like the rest. Good crowd control, you and Lowrey should have followed through with the cop thing. Went through 3 kegs and then Bruning bought cans of Old Millwakee light on the last keg run, dumbass, but there was still beer left when I departed. Lots of girls attended, amazing how the young'ens always show up. Too bad we can't get on them cause they have a curfew (most of them hot though). Too tall Emery showed up, can't have a party without her.

q: How many Emery's does it take to change a lightbulb?
a: Just one, she's that tall dammit.

I think Bachle or Mike U. should hook up with her, it would look like midget porn.

Kerry McMurtry tried to get out the firehose and riot gear to clear the house. The "wrestlers" from Iowa wanted to fight, picture Alfalfa trying to pick a fight with Tony Soprano. The Mexican Mafia showed up, and turned out to be some very cordial people. Their new modo must be to kill them with kindness. Oh yeah, who the fuck was the "Social" guy. He was the coolest guy there, just ask him.

Hopefully more fun will ensue this next week.

Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi.

the public offender,
Dr. Mitch Feinstone


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