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The Feinstone Report 12/03/02

Dearest Freinds,

I hope by now all of you have sobered up and returned to normal life after the treturous holiday wekend you endoured. It was crazy wicked fun. I felt like a I was hanging out with the Rat Pack in Vegas for the weekend. Some old freinds showed up we havn't seen for a while. Matt the cat, that dude from jersey, Adam Urbanek, Nick Maser, and some other people I can't remember cause I haven't yet sobered up from the weekend. For the sake of those who were not fortunate enough to be around and those of us who don't remember I will now recap the weekend.

I guess it came about the weekend when we found ourselves in the Spigot lounge. Twas the night before thanksgiving and all of us needed to get fucked up. We drank ourselves silly, we sang willy nilly, and Mikey went to drive his truck. That is right, even after we ended up at Harry's wonder bar MikeyB drove home to Fairbury Nebraska with a 6 pack of beer. Thanksgiving day went off well. Everyone went home to the family. Then, afterwards,like true small town alcoholic's we all went to the El Matador for some holiday cheer. Teaming up with all the dedicated souls wanting to vent their stories of family encounters. It was a good night of drinking and telling lies, and McMurtry did not punch anyone amazingly.

Friday night snuck up like a cure for a good hangover, and the bars were had. Of course as the pattern went we hung out at Duffy's and then the spigot. Nick's Mandy brought some freinds over from her home town. Matt the cat found his way into Lincoln and got a liking to our freind Becky, she wants him to move back. After hours was had, then after that Kenny had a party. Of course at Kenny's party's there are lots of young lady's there. Number 1 because Kenny is gay and he won't sleep with them but yet they are attracted to him. and Number 2 because some strange aura of that place brings out teenage girls. I honestly think Kenny and Jason still cruise O street and pick up high school girls at chucky cheeses and the mall.

Saturday night was the big night. Greg's dream finnally came true, he had his first concert, and now is the rock star. Don't know if he will party harder, or if he has already accomplished that level of insanity. It was quality music (impressive) everyone showed up, and no one was sober for the next 12 hours. The afterhours party was fun. Some virgin guy had the sex with a middle aged trailer park reject with kids. He just had sex with her and not the kids. So every one viewed this disgusting act that was at the party. Later, there was a fashion show. McMurtry had to show off his Varsity Blues look of the foam bikini. Scary as it was, it was sickly funny, if he didn't throw the foam in your face. There was a fight; Marty "the jackhammer" Toalson had a match with Carmen "LEATHAL" Bailey and the fight will be on HBO next tuesday. Later on the fellas went looking for more booze at 6 in the morning and only found a big bag of breakfast burrito's at McDonalds.

Sunday, the Jersey man found himself at the mercy of country music at the Pla Mor bar. (that is culture, ha)

Found a few people that should be brought up for membership in our prestigous organization. Jamie, the cute brunette that started to hang out after the show. Also, the Jersey boy, Andy Stroli who is moving from Jersey to Lincoln. We, just need an initiation for them. Wait, we have one, fight Kenny. I know that even the girl can win. Anyone see Kenny pick up on any guys this weekend?

Also, for special recognition, is Becky, the girl that used to hang out with Phi Psi and kissed Matt the Cat this weekend.

Hope all is well.

Thats all the news.

I punched Dan Rather,

Mitch Feinstone, Phd.

p.s.- Enjoy these days while you can, like Frank Sinatra said, "I miss my guys."


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