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The Feinstone Report 12/16/02

To those of us that appreciate nonsense entertainment,

So it was a normal (I thought it was a normal) thursday night. Some of the superfriends had left the hall of justice to persue the inexpensive drinks that were offered at the establishment refered to as "The Bar". Dollar domestic bottles and dollar wells all night if you didn't know. Twas all fun and games until someone thought Bachle blew them off when he was really at home watching the history channel. Drama ensued, and Curtis still found out who invented the Spruce Goose. Later that night Loftis, Strohli, Jamie, and Kallie all decided that it would be fun to jump in MikeyB's hot tub. It sounded like a good idea, except for the fact that it has not been officially cleaned since the trailer park reject and the virgin had sex in it out in front of everyone. Yeah, that means Greg and Strohli need to shower this month.

Friday night was a do it yourself kind of night. Marty and Levi went to Daykin to have some Christmas with the family for the weekend, and everyone else went their separate ways. Chad Hawthorne went out with Brent Bachle and pretty much avoided everyone else like any other weekend. Greg and Strohli hung out together, shocker. Bruning and MikeyB went around town, and Mikey got fall down drunk. Apparently he tried to pee in random places on O street, and with the help of some ephidrine, managed to stay up all night and call 20 girls for a booty call.

Saturday became entertaining when instead of going to the regular "gauntlet" as it is refered to. The group of friends went to some classy bars on the strip. Showing our out of town friends a good time in style. Later, afterhours took place on 23rd and Holdredge and it was a decent party. Sort of vanilla, like the rest of the weekend. But then again, a bland weekend to us is like an eventful weekend to the average Joe. Speaking of Joe, where was Neuman this weekend? Kenny made his appearance with his loyal army of wandering teenagers. His sister showed up also, and I think she got some, he he. So when is Jason gonna give it up to her, or is he still in love with "you know who"? Later, that night Kevin Bartley was accosted by the Lincoln police and put into jail. Can't beleive the most passive person in the planet was cuffed and stuffed by Lincoln's finest for walking home instead of driving. Luckily, MikeyB and his birthday girl came to the rescue and bailed him out. Oh yeah, Blobaum is 22 now. Spank him with a belt McMurtry.

Random Questions for the weekend:

If you can answer all of these questions correctly, or at least answer some of them and send them to the Feinstone Institute. You will be considered to win a six pack of Old Style from the prize vault. Send your responses, quotes, or feedback in a reply.

The voice of the secluded masses,

Dr. Mitch Feinstone FLD
(Fun Lovin Dork)

p.s.- If these reports offend anyone in any way shape or form, I greatly appologize and you may direct your negative enthusiasm tward the wall supporting the urinal in Duffy's Tavern. These messages are merely to entertain. The names could be made up, and the problems may be real. It is all up to the eye of the beholder, and how bloodshot they are when reading this.


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