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To those that are still interested,

Brothers and sisters of the deviant nature. There are a lot of us that have been brought down by the man. Most of us have come out smelling like a rose. I suggest a tax be taken from social outings to be paid to a reputable attorney for a retainer. Either that or we should start paying off the cops to look the other way. It is a down time for many of us that were self assured of a life of prosperity. We take our lumps and become tougher. Jail, fines, diversion, and eviction have been inflicted on our reputation. But, many of these things have been expected for a person living our life style. Pedestrian has been banging out some great concerts and the homelesss have found places of residence.

Some good news for the group of friends has come: Phil Lauer has a girlfriend, and it is our dear friend Misty Federson. Phil's sister Kyla has also been making her appearance as a very social and fun person. Jason Lee gets out of jail and has finally paid his debt to society. Matry has the first round of charges, brought upon by the raid, dismissed due to technicalities. Bruning is taking diversion for his DUI and will get his charges dismissed. Maser has his own vehicle and his own cell phone. (But, he still has to ask his wife if he can use either of them.)
A big hug should be given to Carmen for some of the hardships she has endured in the past week. She is a fun person and should be accepted like any other friend.

As for the news:

This last weekend has been spent mostly on Pedestrian party's. Thursday was spent at the fabulous Knickerbockers bar listening to the sweet sounds of Pedestrian. The PBR was cheap and the show was invaluable. Looks like the band had a lot of fun and played a few covers at the expense of their reputation. But hey, they were having fun and it sounded great. Bartley got to participate in one of the songs, and everybody loves Kevin. Budweiser has played a big part in the promotion of the band, so when you get a chance drink a Bud and give Chad a good smack on the ass. He likes it rough. I think I saw Kelly in the men's restroom though.

Friday night was spent at the residence of 22nd and orchard. Does anybody else get Ed and Clint confused with their matching haircuts? Has anybody kissed that lesbian Ashley yet? Anyhow, their keg parties are fun and a good drunken time was had at the expense of the roommates. Where has Mother Becky Drum been?

Easter is coming up. Anyone give up anything for Lent? Like misdemeanors, jobs, or DUI's. Maybe Bruning does not know that lent does not last all year and should give up his vow of chastity and get laid. Bitter mother fucker. How was prom this weekend Martin? Do the girls still act the same as when you were in high school? I think it should also be official that MikeyB and MikeU have dedicated their lives to girlfriends. Amanda 'hug and kiss' is taking off to Jersey to live with Strohli in a month or so. Good luck to all of you. Even if you date someone that likes to baby talk to inanimate objects.

Saturday was pretty fun at P.O. Pears with Pedestrian and Icares. Both sounded wonderful for the masses of 30 people. After hours was spent at the new house of Bel Biv Devo. Or Bosley/Mike and his Angels. (Trish, Ashley, Bell, MikeU) Nice place you guys got. What is up with Lincoln Kerry not being physically violent? Not that we miss it, it just seems out of character. Also, I hope people like Lisa keep pestering Marty for the keg fee. There was never a cover charge at his place. And if anyone knows who likes to take car stereo's from our friends, kneecap them. Hey Ashley, trying to be a stoned hippie on Saturday? Greg can't find his car keys, or his car, or his home for that matter. If anyone has found any of these, or his virginity, call crime stoppers. Another thing that is lost is the sanity of any resident at 29th and Y.

Well, no one has died yet. ( Knock on wood. But try not to knock up Wood.) This summer should be fun.

Due to the quality of this report. It should be noted. If you are not brought up in the Feinstone report, then you must not be having that much fun.

The asshole with the pen,

Mitch Feinstone

p.s.- Did you guys see Bob Vela at the pedestrian show on Saturday. The devil is getting a fire extinguisher.


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