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Walmart Should Sell Drugs

Whoa, oh, oh, OH, oh...... Just hanging tough,

Some of us have been shot down like birds with broken wings. Nothing has looked up but our asses waiting for a giant dildo to be shoved in and broken off.
Some of us try and fail. What we should do is if we don't like the ship, bail. Learn from the mistakes. If you feel like a paraplegic treading water. Light a fire up your ass and get out.

If you are in a fight, fight your way out.

Basically if you feel like you are drowning, drink your way out. Or at least that is how many of us handle it. When your down, get dirty and never scrub yourself out.

I mean how does a guy get rejected from diversion? (Bruning)
Find a Ped X-ing in Nebraska.
And for fucks sake, people, get a drivers license.
Some of our kind are graduating from distinguished institutions. Tinker has been intoxicated since last weekend. Lara Hawthorne is getting out of Doane. Greg gets out of the college of hair design. Marty's girl gets out of high school, and he goes back to college because she is going ,too.
MikeyB found a place to raise a family. Nick is still painting a place to take a dump. Jason is checking out the Ukraine. And Jake still has a passion for.... cheap taco's. I really mean the taco's you can get on Sunday for cheap. Nothing sexual is involved. Just like Brunings life. (BURN)
Ever play "I never" with Becky, Carmen, and Commander Mandy? I know a few people that did. Wow, there are a lot of things we found out that night. Like that girls tendency to do that thing when you know what happens in you know where with you know who. Dude, that is some crazy shit.
Who is more cool? Johnny Depp or Edward Norton
I mean Depp played Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing, but Norton was Fight Club.
Everyone have a good Cinco de Mayo. Chinco with mayo. A fifth of mayo. Whatever you do to go out and drink corona's and not have enough money but to go to Amigo's and order from the cheap menu. I drank some High Life and ate some salsa on saltine's. Me and my hombre's smoked the 'Moto'. I also took a Mexican shower today. Big fuckin whoopdy doo.
Anyhow, I just got ripped and bored so I thought I would share with you some of the wisdom that oozes from my pores. Water your plants, walk your dog, and always tell women they look cuter than they are.

A figment of my imagination,

Dr. Mitch

Cause your momma can't dance and your daddy can't rock and roll.

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