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The Call

Paging dr. feinstone................paging dr feinstone

Is the dr. in? This is a question I believe is being asked around the great city of Lincoln, well at least from west of west a street to north of Holdrege. The witty banter and the true-to-life anecdotes are needed in this dismal time of winter. Is the dr. wintering in some far off gin palace, reminiscing on the days of yore, with a couple low dollar hookers by his side, or has he grown to forsake the mediocrity and drudgery of his faithful following.

Whatever the reason, the dr. needs to be found. His words are like a drug that is an automatic fix. One hit off of his fine pipe and the hapless public is addicted. The want might take some time to resurface, but when it does, the shakes hit you like a 50 pound sledge.

Maybe it would be best for him to remain silent, waiting for his nomadic group of readers to do something so well worth his stamp that he has no excuse but to write. But there are tales to tell and yarns to weave. I think it was the great doctor that once said "if the beer is cold, why stop drinking"......... well i say to the great doctor, if the pen is full and your drunkenness intact why not write.

The quippy statements and deep observations kept us on our toes and know like a rug being pulled out from beneath our feet, the dr. is gone and we are on our ass. Heed our call, good dr. return to us our literary diet and fill our minds and body with soulful ramblings.

Is the dr. in?

Martin S. Bar


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