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A reply from Loftis

i'm a pirate you son of a bitch.

i've got a code. I have got a way of life. I've
got a girl and a crowd to pal around with. most of
the time there is money in my pocket...and when there
isn't, i find it soon. i go where the rum is served
without end and the adventure is never in short
supply. Most of the time i'm honest to my word...but
when i'm not...it's just because i've got a plan. I
call you my friend mr. fienstone and thats the best
you're gonna get from me sir. i will say good day to
you sir and the next time you'll see me is when my
fortunes on the high tip... or when you've got a
bottle and i've got a thirst. like i said...i'm a
pirate you son of a bitch.... always...
somtimes a pirate is just what you need... heh
good day.






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