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Feinstone 2/23/05

Hunter S. Thompson is dead by his own hand.

Just like Darth Vader, the only thing that defeated him was himself.

Just like a romanticized movie character he lived his life through tea shade colored glasses. He was my rock star, my Lane Staley or Kurt Cobain. Yet the method of their death still seams cowardice to me. We remember them as men that sat at the table of men. The bar table of men where manly men do their drinking and what pleases them. They took the world by the scrotum because it wouldn't listen, and twisted them until they got attention. Some say their methods were uncouth at best. But in each of their own genre of performing arts and sharing their thoughts with the world, they were the best.

The only Doctor of Journalism I think I have ever known or heard about. Hunter S. Thompson and I would have gotten along well I believe, if we had ever met. He put print back into pop culture. "Hired geeks...," and the like, energize the written word to rock star status. Maybe he loved the book Fahrenheit 451 before Michael Moore ass fucked the name so we don't have to read into anything before following the line of lemmings.

What is writing? I believe it to be the pouring of ones thoughts/opinions/soul onto paper in an organized fashion for the script of stated beliefs. Sort of a well thought out movie script that reads smoother. Dr. Thompson created a performing art of the written word. The stage being inside the readers head with the perfect cast according to taste. That cast always included the writer. Including the writer in the story was Dr. Thompson's style of journalism that he created and coined the category as "Gonzo Journalism." He described gonzo journalism as "a style of reporting based on William Faulkner's idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism - and the best journalists have always known this."

I believe that Dr. Thompson spent most of his life living the American dream. He wrote about important social events, and when they were not exciting, he incorporated himself into the story. Once this was realized, he began writing more of his adventures embellishing the use of drugs and parading the flagrant abuse of the law. This amazing feat of a lifestyle inspired a couple of movies: "Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas" and "Where the Buffalo Roam" Both of which had very well respected actors starring in them. I won't list all of his books. I haven't read all of them yet and I would be embarrassed if I forgot to name a few of them. But I do recommend that everyone try to read at least one of his books in your lifetime. Just to say that you had experienced some of the thoughts from a man who thought like no one else.

I do believe he is dead. I don't believe him to be another Elvis, but I do think more of his work will be published as time goes on like Tu Pac. I feel somewhat sad, not like I had personally known him, but the fact that I will never be able to meet him. The simple theory that meeting a man of his uniqueness would have most likely left an impression on ones mind could never be tested. So I am left with what I have read and heard. He was a private man. He lived in what he called "the compound" where he could be alone with his happy substances and weapons. Maybe we are better off not having the personal impression of him on everyone's mind. It is possible that to write about yourself you must be alone with your own thoughts. Or maybe the thought that by exposing himself so much in writing he felt embarrassed to be in the public eye. Sometimes you just enjoy the magician and ignore what goes on behind the curtain. He pulled a bat out of a visor instead of the rabbit and the hat.

To the people that loved his work,

We are an elite soul that can be inspired by odd people and the written word. The written word being both enjoying and creating printed word. I do believe this to be my calling in carrying on Dr. Thompson's dream. Media for the American man being drunk on pop culture. After all he did serve his country. I do not want to impersonate him or exploit his name, but rather to try and experience life, just for a little bit, through his unbridled view. ("Many fine books have been written in prison."HST) This phrase is becoming very true about now. Not the extraordinary adventure with a horrible ending, but the horribly crazed story with an adventurous ending. The renegade makes a better story than the criminal. Always the extreme final voice of the moment. Always sporting a ski jacket and tea shades. Hunter Stockton Thompson will be my hero and I will write until only God chooses my demise. Because we live in an information society and it is the freedom of the press that we enjoy in this country. I am an American and I will live an American dream. I will write for the eyes of those who will read.


"There he goes, one of Gods own prototypes. A high powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live and too rare to die."
Raoul Duke

"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
Dr. Johnson

Your prescription filled,

Dr. Mitchell H. Feinstone


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