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Welcome to Dr. Feinstone online.


Welcome to Dr. Feinstone online. Within this site you will find the theories and writings of Dr. Feinstone as well as many other highly touted non-accredited authors. Dr. Feinstone is not here to help you get better, he is simply here to make you realize that you ARE indeed sick and to make you get on with your crappy life.

The forum provides all subscribers to the Feinstone Report a community to voice their own opinions and see what others have to say. If you are a follower in the teachings of Dr. Feinstone, I strongly suggest you sign up and participate in the forum.

The archive contains the bi-randomly newsletter sent out by Dr. Feinstone, so if you don't recieve the newsletter, missed an issue, or just want to reflect back on one that really touched you, you can find it there.

For the latest styles and other Dr. Feinstone merchandise, check out the store.




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