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3/4/05 - I added the Latest edition of the Feinstone Report to the archive and added some new pics to the gallery. Nothing else.


6/21/04 - A Photo Gallery has been added. I still have a little work to do as far as adding links to the side bar and stuff like that, but the gallery itself should be working just fine. If there are some problems with the gallery be sure to let me by posting them in the forum. There's another project that i'm working on right now, but it's top secret, so I'm not going to release too many details. Just that it has to do with the Drink off. Jay has gotten a sneak preview of the project, but I hope he reveres his nuts enough to keep his mouth shut.


5/20/04 - People have been complaining that I have not moved the drink of the week to the new site, so a new section has been added to silence these critics. While it may not be drink of the week it has far more features. Anyone can add new drinks to the database, and the drinks have a rating system so you can make drink choices off of other drinkers ratings. The database is also browsable by topic or alphabetically, as well as searchable by ingrediant. I hope everyone enjoys this new section and utilizes it to the best of their abilities, by this i mean getting shitfaced regularly.

I also added a new feature that most will not notice. I created and rss feed. This will allow the site to advertise updates on other sites. Also you can get a desktop application, known as a news aggregator, to stay current with updates. There is a plethora of site out there that use this technology. You may have seen the pic on other sites, this is the link to the rss file. If you want more information on this ask me in the forum.


5/04/04 - Got some more work done. The entertainment link is now operable, as well as the the newsletter signup and feedback forms. My host decided to make some changes to their servers without informing me so my forms were down for who knows how long. I did a few other minor things, but it's stuff you won't notice, so i won't go into it. I see a few of you finally signed up for the forum, now we just have to get you to participate. And for thos of you who have not signed up; do so now. That's it for now.


4/16/04 - The Forums are now up as are the archives. You may also have noticed the newsletter signup to the left, this is not for the feinstone report, it is for web site updates and news. So, if you want to know when new features are added or old features are updated feel free to sign up.


4/14/04 - The new site is underway, not much else to say about it. It will take some time since we're restructuring the whole site to make it suitable for it's new home. You'll have plenty of new features to look forward too, plus all the goodies from the old site. Check back soon for more updates. I'm hoping to have the forums up soon so I can give further updates there instead because it is much easier.




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